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5 Perguntas para Gerd Leonhard, o mais importante Futurista da Europa

Não é todo dia que a gente bate um papo sobre o FUTURO com o Gerd Leonhard - o mais IMPORTANTE FUTURISTA da Europa!!!

E hoje a série 5 PERGUNTAS PARA O FUTURO é com ele!!!

O Gerd é autor do livro “Tecnologia vc Humanidade” e foi nomeado pela famosa Revista de Tecnologia "WIRED" como uma das 100 pessoas mais influentes da Europa.

E é autor de diversos livros. E eu recomendo, em especial, o último.

Em "Technologia vs Humanidade", ele explora as mudanças exponenciais que estão inundando nossa sociedade, fornecendo insights para qualquer pessoa que vai precisar tomar decisões sobre o Futuro nesta nova Era.

Vamos lá, então?

Abaixo você pode conferir o papo que deu origem às 5 Perguntas sobre o Futuro para Gerd Leonhard aqui no Futuro S/A.

O texto original está em inglês.


1. In your book "Technology Vs. Humanity" you bring some interesting questions about the future of the human race and technology. What are the threats for humanity due the quick advancement of the technology?

There are many great benefits such as cheaper medical care, low cost global communications, the shift to renewal energy etc.

The downsides are things such as:

a) total surveillance due to all of our data being collected and connected,

b) an deepening spiral manipulation in social media based on their algorithmic worldview,

c) more loneliness due to spending too much time with screens and in the cloud,

d) abdication and giving control to machines where they shouldn't have it,

e) and much more, such as the coming ARMS RACE of AI and human genome editing.

Right now it's maybe 10% dangerous and 90% good but we do not want that to grow to 50/50. Hence the need for what I call Digital Ethics gerd leonhgard digital ethics

2. Is it possible to avoid those threats? In a recent interview, you proposed the creation of a Global organization called "Digital Ethics Concil". Could you tell us more about that?

Yes, I think it is, and we have 5-7 years to achieve that.

We regulated nuclear energy (after Hiroshima) and now we will need to regulate artificial general intelligence and human genome editing as well as geo-engineering.

We need a moratorium on the unethical and inhuman uses of these technologies (such as the creation of super-soldiers), and we probably need a new declaration of digital human rights.

See for some more reading on this.

I am preparing a deeper story on the DEC / Ethics Council but right now I am just trying to get the big players and the governments into the loop on this. :)

3. Considering what you have been studying, what is the Future of Work?

Basically, everything that can be automated, will be; the End of Routines.

But this does not mean the end of work - it just means that if your job is 100% routine (and very few jobs are). Regardless, we need to reskill and up-skill, and we need to prepare for these shifts - see gerd future of work.

We are facing 10-12 years of upheaval but then we could greatly benefit from separating work and INCOME; and of course PURPOSE and work.

Read this piece I penned with Tim Renner (German politician):

4. What would it be your advice for people who would like to prepare for the future? Which skills people should focus in developing for the next years?

Next 5-7 years: tech skills on the highest possible level.

After that, HUMAN skills on the highest possible level, what I call HECI: humanity, Ethics, creativity, imagination.

Being human will be the only thing machines will not achieve at least for the next 50 years:))

5. How did you become a futurist? And what do you do to develop yourself in a field where almost everything is possible?

By accident - after I failed as an internet entrepreneur. :)

And after I wrote my first book, the future of music - people started calling me Futurist and I kinda just agreed to it :)

The key is to FOCUS, not as trends or tech obsessions, but what on really matters --- what I call practical wisdoms ::) But yes ... it can be taxing !!


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